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What is the proper way to receive the host during Communion? A caller shares a story of being told by a priest that he was receiving the Eucharist incorrectly, and asks Father Dave to explain the specific way to receive and consume The Body of Christ. For more information, check out our video "Sacraments 101: Eucharist (How We Receive)." (Original Air 01-12-17)

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A woman with a serious medical condition calls Father Dave seeking advice. She has a heart condition that could put her life in danger if she were to become pregnant. Her doctors are encouraging her to take birth control to prevent pregnancy with her condition, but she does not feel comfortable taking it, since it goes against the teachings of The Church. Father Dave offers guidance. (Original Air 01-10-17)

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Thursday of the First Week in Ordinary Time. Sometimes, we have hardened hearts towards particular people in our lives. A reflection on striving for a heart full of compassion, like Jesus had, so we can be more open and accepting towards others. Preached at St. Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 01-12-17.

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A caller asks, "What constitutes apostasy?" after watching "Silence," a Martin Scorsese film about two Christian missionaries searching for their missing mentor in Japan at a time when Christianity was outlawed. (Original Air 01-10-17)

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A caller is troubled that her adult children consider themselves Atheists, despite her many attempts to invite them back to the faith. Father Dave offers some encouraging words on gently approaching this difficult situation. (Original Air 01-10-17)

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What's proper protocol when asking a priest to come and bless your home? A caller asks Father Dave about how house blessings work, and if she should make a donation once the blessing is complete. (Original Air 01-10-17)

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Father Dave received a question of faith while he was doing a mission trip asking him for advice on how to be less afraid to express ones faith while out in public. Father Dave explains how we can be more open to expressing our faith to others and being comfortable doing so. (Original Air 01-05-17)

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Is it a sin not to genuflect before entering a pew? What is the spiritual significance of kneeling? What is the difference between kneeling and genuflecting? Father Dave explains on #TwitterTuesday why we kneel at mass and importance behind the action. (Original Air 12-21-16)

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Is it a sin to wear religious items like rosary beads, or clothing items featuring the images of saints? A woman calls Father Dave wondering if she can give her boyfriend a pair of socks with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on them. She's not sure if this is appropriate because she was taught that wearing religious items such as rosary beads was a sin, but she points out that her boyfriend does have a deep devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Father Dave gives her some insight on when it is acceptable to wear such clothing. (Original Air 12-20-16)

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What's the protocol on giving money to a parish that you don't normally attend? A caller who has recently been traveling and attending different churches asks Father Dave if she should give money on the road or support her hometown parish. Father Dave explains the importance of tithing. (Original Air 12-21-16)

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