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Team Busted Halo asks callers what they saw, heard, and experienced at Mass this past weekend, and asks listeners to consider the impact that the first Advent Mass will have on their lives during this special season of waiting. (Original Air 11-28-16)

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A man calls Father Dave upset about a fight he is having with his brother over the results of the election. His brother is gay, and feels that anyone who voted for Trump supports hate and bigotry. The caller feels uncomfortable fighting with his brother because he loves him and doesn't want an argument to permanently harm their relationship. Father Dave shares some advice on working through this difficult situation. (Original Air 11-16-16)

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Have you ever noticed that Advent calendars always are dated from December 1st through December 25th even though Advent doesn't always start on the 1st? A listener writes to Father Dave wondering why Advent calendars are set up this way. Father Dave provides an in depth look into the intricacies of the Advent calendar within The Church and how it changes from year to year. (Original Air 11-28-16)

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A caller wonders how she can convince her nephew, who does not want to be confirmed, that Confirmation is an important sacrament. Her husband, the nephew's Godfather, is also struggling to get through to his Godson. Father Dave shares his advice. (Original Air 11-15-16)

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Best friend of the show Rabbi Brad Hirschfield joins us to discuss life after the election, how to sit across the table from someone that you vehemently disagree with, and how faith can help us in divisive times. Father Dave and Rabbi Brad also discuss Pope Francis, the Year of Mercy coming to an end, and "forgiving the unforgivable sin." (Original Air 11-21-16)

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Are there specific days designated for praying The Mysteries of the Rosary? A rosary newbie asks Father Dave about prayer logistics. Father Dave offers insights into prayer practices and shares some history behind the newest mystery added by Saint John Paul II. (Original Air 11-09-16)

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What's the difference between a ciborium and a pyx? How much of the Eucharist can they both hold? Should they be made of gold? Does Father Dave own a personal chalice or ciborium? It's Mass Class Wednesday, and Father Dave answers questions from 10-year-old Busted Halo superfan Zachary. (Original Air 11-09-16)

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Father Dave shares a history lesson today after a non-Catholic woman asks why the Catholic Bible has more readings than other Christian Bibles. Father Dave explains that this distinction has to do with Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation, along with some other old Jewish rules as well. (Original Air 11-09-16)

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A woman seeks some Fatherly Advice from Father Dave regarding her husband's infidelity. The woman expresses that she is still in love with her husband and would like to continue being married to him, but she is not sure he feels the same way. Father Dave offers some guidance on this sensitive situation. (Original Air 11-01-16)

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Father Dave said what? A caller asks Father Dave why he said that missing Sunday Mass is a mortal sin. Father Dave explains the importance of our obligation, and why missing Mass hurts our relationships with God. (Original Air 10-19-16)

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