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Father Dave addresses Cardinal Robert Sarah's recent comments encouraging priests to turn their backs to the congregation while consecrating the Eucharist, just like pre-Vatican II. (Original Air 07-13-16)

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When it comes to matters of faith, it can be hard to find common ground. Julie Hanlon Rubio, author of "Hope for Common Ground: Mediating the Personal and the Political in a Divided Church," can help us all work towards goodwill, tolerance, and mutual understanding. (Original Air 07-13-16)

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Was your "Father Dave 30-Day Challenge" successful? Father Dave and Brett find out how one listener's 30-day challenge changed her life in an unexpected way. (Original Air 07-13-16)

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How does Pokémon GO relate to our Catholic faith? Mike Carter-Conneen, reporter for ABC 7 News in Washington D.C. explains the Pokémon Go craze and its impact on businesses, churches, and the future of technology altogether. (Original Air 07-13-16)

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Father Dave addresses the racially charged tragedies that have taken place in Baton Rouge, St. Paul, and Dallas. He talks about the past Sunday's Gospel reading, the Good Samaritan, in the context of the recent shootings and how we can apply the story's message to our lives today. (Original Air 07-11-16)

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A caller asks Father Dave if there is a way to trace the lineage of the priesthood from present day all the way back to the original priests. (Original Air 05-10-16)

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Father Dave answers a #TwitterTuesday question of faith from a listener trying to understand the difference between scripture and gospel. Remember to tweet your questions of faith to @BustedHalo and @FatherDaveDwyer! (Original Air 06-21-16)

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It might seem like he has all the answers, but even Father Dave needs a spiritual pick-me-up every once in a while... he's human after all! Father Dave talks about his latest visit with his spiritual director. (Original Air 06-09-16)

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If you thought about committing a sin, but did not act on it, should you still confess? Father Dave responds to a #TwitterTuesday tweet from a curious listener. (Original Air 06-03-16)

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Is it a sin to miss Mass while on vacation? Just in time for 4th of July weekend, Father Dave answers a question from a concerned listener. (Original Air 05-10-16)

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