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This is a powerful interview with Amy Simpson, author of the new book "Troubled Minds",about our faith response to those with mental illnesses (which is 1 in 4 adults by the way). This is followed up by a couple of calls by listners on the topic.


Do you or someone you love suffer from or live with a mental illness? Has it been difficult or otherwise challenging in your life? How can our faith help with these situations? Our guest will let us know. Amy Simpson is a passionate leader and communicator who loves to encourage people to discern and fulfill their calling in this life. Amy is a former publishing executive who currently serves as an Editor at Christianity Todayand Senior Editor of Leadership Journal. She has spent nearly two decades as an award-winning writer, authoring numerous resources for Christian ministry, including Diving Deep: Experiencing Jesus Through Spiritual Disciplines, Into the Word: How to Get the Most from Your Bible and her newest book Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church's Mission. Welcome the Busted Halo Show, Amy Simpson!

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