The Busted Halo Show with Catholic priest Father Dave Dwyer, CSP, is an informative and entertaining take on the Catholic faith. Father Dave and team answer your questions of faith and tackle current issues in our world while having some laughs along the way! This podcast features excerpts from the show on The Catholic Channel -- SiriusXM, channel 129.

Father Dave welcomes José Hernández, former NASA flight engineer and the first migrant farm worker to travel to space. “A Million Miles Away,”  a new Amazon Prime movie based on his life, follows José and his devoted family on a decades-long journey, from a rural village in Mexico, to the fields of California, to more than 200 miles above the Earth in the International Space Station.

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Whether you read the Bible daily or only hear Scripture proclaimed on Sundays, there are always fresh ways for us to connect more deeply to God’s word. Father Dave welcomes Notre Dame theology professor and author William Mattison to discuss his new book, “Follow Me: Walking with Jesus through the Gospels.

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A listener asks Father Dave a Mass Class question about the gospel. David asks, “I know it’s probably a sign of reverence, but what started the procession of the gospel book? It's usually on the altar, and they usually process it around the front of the sanctuary.” He also attended a Mass recently where the congregation bowed and some near the altar touched the book.


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Brett recently found his childhood religious education assignments and recalls how he thought the Our Father began, “Our Father, go-kart in heaven” while growing up. Father Dave invites listeners to share the prayers or religious phrases that their kids have misheard.

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Friend of the show and Jesuit priest Father James Martin stops by Father Dave’s radio studio to discuss his new book, “Come Forth: The Promise of Jesus’s Greatest Miracle,” which explores the miracle of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, as told in John’s Gospel


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Students and teachers are heading back to school, and Father Dave welcomes back friend of the show and experienced catechist Joe Paprocki to give his top 10 formation tips for religious educators. Joe has served as National Consultant for Faith Formation at Loyola Press since 2002 and has more than 40 years of experience in pastoral ministry. The tips are based off of his book, “The Catechist’s Toolbox: How to Thrive as a Religious Education Teacher.”

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A listener named Darby asks Father Dave about a recent issue she experienced during the Sacrament of Reconciliation. She shares, “I went to Confession the first time in a couple of years this past weekend. I had a lot of sins to confess. As I was stating my sins to the priest, I started with an internal battle I'm having right now. He cuts me short, and he gives me the blessing and my penance. So those sins that I couldn't verbally tell the priest – are those still going to be forgiven?” She notes that she’s heard sins a person purposely withholds are not forgiven, and wonders if this would be a similar situation.


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Looking for ideas to deepen your faith? Father Boniface Hicks, OSB, joins Father Dave to discuss new resources on Marian consecration and prayer. A Benedictine monk of Saint Vincent Archabbey, Father Boniface recently released his book, “The Fruit of Her Womb: 33 Day Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus” as well as “Personal Prayer,” an online course from Emmaus Academy.

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As we grow in our faith, it’s important to also consider those with different needs in their spiritual lives. Father Dave receives a question from Ignatz who says, “Being autistic, some of my perceptions of spirituality and religion are limited. I find that the way my mind works does not allow me to genuinely believe or practice something that is not tangible. Is it still possible for me to try or be included in religious spaces?”


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Days after performing multiple shows at World Youth Day in Portugal, friend of the show and Catholic speaker and musician Joe Melendrez shares his experience from this inspirational event.

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World Youth Day, recently held in Portugal, showcases how the Church is alive with young adults celebrating their faith, but what about those who have fallen away? Father Dave welcomes friends and co-authors Patti Maguire Armstrong and Roxane Beauclair Salonen to discuss this topic and their book, “What Would Monica Do?"

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Praying for others is an important part of our faith life, but one listener asks Father Dave what to do when the list of intentions feels too long. Elisa says, “Every day, I pray different intentions for people with cancer or people who have died. My intention lists are getting longer and longer! People ask me to pray for them, sometimes people I am not close to, but I add them to the lists…I feel guilty [removing them] but, I am not sure when to take them off the lists.” She also wonders when to stop praying for the repose of one’s soul after they pass away.


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Father Dave welcomes New York University Professor and contributing writer for the New York Times, Rachel Swarns, to discuss her book, “The 272: The Families Who Were Enslaved and Sold to Build the American Catholic Church.

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Father Dave and Brett joined Lino Rulli and Tyler Veghte of “The Catholic Guy Show” on SiriusXM’s Catholic Channel for the “We’re on a Boat Pilgrimage,” a cruise on the Danube River. They traveled with 150 listeners to famous Catholic Churches and cities across Eastern and Central Europe, including Regensburg, Salzburg, Vienna, Bratislava and more.

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Many celebrate milestone birthdays in a special way, and Father Dave welcomes Catholic speaker Mari Pablo to talk about how she’s commemorating age 33 as her “Jesus year.”

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Addiction and substance abuse affects a staggering number of people in the United States, and Father Dave welcomes Keaton Douglas, founder and executive director of the iTHIRST Initiative, to offer resources from a Catholic perspective. The program focuses on spirituality in the prevention, treatment, and aftercare of those suffering from substance use disorders, while also providing support for their families. Keaton is also the co-author of a new book called, “The Road to Hope: Responding to the Crisis of Addiction.

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After numerous Marian apparitions in 1858 and a rich history of miracles, millions travel to Lourdes, France every year in search of healing. Father Dave interviews Director Thaddeus O’Sullivan about his new movie in theaters, “The Miracle Club,” which follows one group’s fictional pilgrimage to the holy site in the 1960s. The movie hits theaters this weekend.


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A listener asks Father Dave for advice about sharing details of his experience during the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Dave shares, “Lately, when I go to Confession, [my wife] demands to know what I confessed. I said, ‘I don't think it works that way,’ and she would respond, ‘We're married, we should have no secrets between us’...It is a major thorn, because she's very serious that I should tell her.”

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Team Busted Halo welcomes back musician and friend of the show, Mike Mangione. In addition to his music career, he is also the Director of Events at the Theology of the Body Institute. Mike has toured the world both as a solo folk artist and with his bands, and he discusses his latest Americana album, “Blood & Water,” with Father Dave.

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June is the month of the Sacred Heart, and Father Dave welcomes back Executive Director of the Sacred Heart Enthronement Network, speaker and author Emily Jaminet. Her latest book is called, “Holy Habits from the Sacred Heart: Ten Ways to Build Stronger, More Loving Relationships.”

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While Brett Siddell was on his honeymoon, best friend of the show Rabbi Brad Hirschfield joined Father Dave as guest co-host for a special episode! Inspired by recent political events, they discuss Rabbi Brad’s recent essay for Forward entitled, “The Debt Ceiling Compromise Reflects Deep Jewish Wisdom.

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As many couples tie the knot this summer, Father Dave, guest co-host Kathryn Whitaker, and speaker and author Rachel Bulman examine a Catholic wife’s vocation. Her new book exploring this topic is called, “Becoming Wife: Saying Yes to More Than the Dress.

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Team Busted Halo loves food and faith, and Father Dave welcomes back author Michael Foley to connect these topics in his book, “Dining with the Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to a Righteous Feast,” co-written with Father Leo Patalinghug.

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We all seek community in our lives, and Father Dave welcomes married couple and Catholic ministry leaders Dr. Andrew and Sarah Swafford to discuss their new book, “Gift and Grit: How Heroic Virtue Can Change Your Life and Relationships.

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Developments in artificial intelligence have made headlines in recent months, specifically the evolution of a language processing tool called ChatGPT. It is a chatbot that responds conversationally to your instructions, and generates answers to complex questions in a matter of seconds. Team Busted Halo put it to the test: Can ChatGPT write a better homily than Father Dave?

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As Mental Health Awareness Month concludes, Father Dave welcomes back Catholic speaker and author Dr. Ian Murphy to discuss his new book, “The Road to Self-Awareness: A Therapy Book for Christians.”

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A listener named Susan shares with Father Dave that her marriage recently ended. “I came to no other choice but to get divorced to protect myself from further physical and emotional harm,” she says. “I feel very lost sometimes. How can I rectify my situation with the Church? I pray daily and go to confession, but I still feel like I'm a hypocrite receiving the Eucharist.”


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People of faith are called to take a day of rest, and filmmaker and founder of Journey Films Martin Doblmeier analyzes this concept in his new documentary “Sabbath.” He joins Father Dave to discuss the Sabbath’s role in our modern world.

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Spring often coincides with large life changes, from graduations to a surge of weddings. Father Dave welcomes back speaker and author Emily Wilson Hussem to offer guidance for young women through her courses “Navigating College” and “Navigating Engagement.

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Many celebrate the Sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation during spring, and one listener named Titus asks Father Dave about the order of the Sacraments of Initiation.

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Guest co-host of the Busted Halo Show Kathryn Whitaker shares her reflections on her time spent in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and different seasons of motherhood. Kathryn now hosts a podcast called NICU Babies Parent Support from the national nonprofit organization, Hand to Hold.

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Father Dave welcomes back actor, writer, producer, and director Emilio Estevez to discuss the re-release of his 2011 film “The Way.” He directs and stars in the movie along with his father Martin Sheen, and it is returning to theaters with additional content for one night only on May 16.

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After the Vatican’s announcement regarding the Synod on Synodality’s voting process, Father Dave explains the history of these gatherings and their future impact. Contrary to previous custom, laypeople, including women, will participate as voting members of the general assembly that begins this October.

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Whether you’re a parent or not, you probably know that kids ask a lot of questions. To aid in answering their questions of faith, Father Dave welcomes author, speaker, and catechist Julianne Stanz to discuss her new book, “The Catholic Parents' Survival Guide: Straight Answers to Your Kids' Toughest Questions.”

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A listener emails Father Dave about receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation while managing social anxiety.

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While the Eucharist and Precious Blood of Christ are to be handled with reverence, sometimes mistakes happen. A listener named Mary asks Father Dave for advice after her 9-year-old son accidentally spilled the Precious Blood on his shirt while receiving communion.

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Easter is more than one day on our liturgical calendar, and itinerant missionary, speaker and author Meg Hunter-Kilmer joins the show to reflect on living out the season’s joy despite challenging times.

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Father Dave welcomes back friend of the show Father Maurice Nutt to discuss his new book, “Down Deep in my Soul: An African American Catholic Theology of Preaching.

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As we continue our National Eucharistic Revival, Father Dave welcomes Sister Alicia Torres, F.E., who serves on the Revival’s executive team. She is also the managing editor of their weekly e-newsletter “Heart of the Revival,” which includes a new series for the Easter season called “Beautiful Light: A Paschal Mystagogy.”

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With many things clamoring for our time and attention, it can be easy to lose focus while praying. Two listeners, Joe and Patricia, ask Father Dave questions about distractions during prayer. Joe specifically struggles with this while praying the Rosary, while Patricia says, “It seems my brain is always multitasking, and concentrating on my prayers is very difficult.”

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Father Dave and Brett joined Lino Rulli and Tyler Veghte of “The Catholic Guy Show” on SiriusXM’s Catholic Channel for a Lenten pilgrimage to the Holy Land. They led 125 pilgrims to many important sites in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, including Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and more.

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During his workshop at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, Father Dave answered questions of faith from those in attendance regarding the Mass. Many of those questions centered on our beliefs surrounding the Eucharist, and Cindy asks, “How do we simplify the explanation of transubstantiation for the benefit of children?”

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As spring begins, many children prepare to receive two sacraments for the first time: Reconciliation and Eucharist. Speaker and singer Jackie Angel joins the show to discuss her and her husband Bobby’s involvement in two new programs from Ascension Press, “Renewed: Your Journey to First Reconciliation” and “Received: Your Journey to First Communion.”


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Father Dave welcomes Loyola University Chicago’s Men’s basketball team chaplain Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, just in time for March Madness! The 103-year-old nun first gained national attention in 2018 during the Ramblers' unexpected journey to the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament. She shares stories and lessons from her life in her new memoir, “Wake Up With Purpose: What I’ve Learned in My First Hundred Years.”

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Many Catholics return to church during Lent, and Paul Jarzembowski joins the show to help us better welcome others this season. Paul serves as Associate Director for the Laity at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and is the author of“Hope From the Ashes: Insights and Resources for Welcoming Lenten Visitors.

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As we continue through Lent, Father Dave welcomes Gary Zimak to help us give up one more thing: worry. Gary is a speaker, retreat leader, and author with a focus on anxiety, and his book is called, “Give Up Worry For Lent: 40 Days to Finding Peace in Christ.

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While broadcasting from the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, Father Dave welcomes Father Casey Cole to discuss his workshop and book called “The Way of Beatitude: Living Radical Hope in a World of Division and Despair.

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While broadcasting from the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, Father Dave received a question from the audience regarding a family wedding disagreement.

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While broadcasting from the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, Father Dave welcomes Grammy-nominated composer and performer Sarah Hart to discuss her workshop, “Spiritual Not Religious: Parenting and Mentoring in a New Era of Faith.”


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While Father Dave loves answering questions of faith from listeners, he also enjoys fielding questions from members of Team Busted Halo. In this case, Krista’s husband Clay has a question of faith regarding how one refers to a priest. 

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Lent is just around the corner, and Father Dave welcomes back Father John Burns to the show to discuss his new book, “Return: A Guided Lent Journal for Prayer and Meditation.

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Most new parents prepare to lose sleep and free time with the arrival of young children, but many are surprised when their faith life also changes. Father Dave welcomes Debbie Cowden, Senior Digital-Media Specialist for EWTN Global Catholic Network, to talk about her new book co-written with her husband called, “The Prayer Book for Tired Parents: Practical Ways to Grow in Love of God and Get Your Family to Heaven.

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A listener offers a scenario to Father Dave about fulfilling the obligation of attending Mass on Sundays.

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It’s common to feel the winter blues this time of year, and friend of the show and catechist Joe Paprocki looks to help with his book “8 Steps to Energize Your Faith.

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As The Busted Halo Show continues to examine polarization in our world, Father Dave welcomes back friend of the show Carlos Whittaker to discuss his new book, “How to Human: Three Ways to Share Life Beyond What Distracts, Divides, and Disconnects Us.

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The Associated Press recently published a wide-ranging interview Pope Francis, where he spoke about homosexuality, his health and critics, the sexual abuse crisis, the German Church reform process, and more. Father Dave takes a closer look at some of Pope Francis’ comments.

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We all inevitably face suffering in our lives, and spiritual director Barbara Lee discusses faith during hardships in her book, “Praying Through Pain: A Scripture Based Journey.

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Many people have questions about heaven, but a listener brings a concern to Father Dave regarding eternal life. John asks, “I have an acquaintance who's scared of eternity. This person believes heaven will be boring, day after day after day…How can I explain heaven and eternity so that this person will look forward to it?”

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As we begin a new year, the Busted Halo Show welcomes back author and philosophy professor James K.A. Smith to discuss his new book, “How to Inhabit Time: Understanding the Past, Facing the Future, Living Faithfully Now.”

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While broadcasting from Rome, Father Dave, Lino Rulli of SiriusXM’s Catholic Channel, and Timothy Cardinal Dolan reflect on Pope Benedict XVI’s life following his funeral.

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As we remember the life and legacy Pope Benedict XVI, Father Dave and Lino Rulli from SiriusXM’s The Catholic Channel travel to Rome for Thursday’s funeral Mass.

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