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Wedding season is fast approaching! On this podcast, Father Dave tackles marriage questions. What's the difference between a natural and sacramental marriage? Can you receive the Eucharist after going through a divorce? All this and more as we talk holy matrimony. (Original Air 11-11-15)

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Have you ever wondered about the difference between venial and mortal sin? A listener calls in wondering what constitutes a mortal sin, and what he can do to be absolved of it. (Original Air 11-03-16)

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Have you ever found yourself purposely not doing or limiting yourself to something, so that later it has greater significance? A caller has the same question on why we are allowed to receive the Eucharist everyday and why doing so does not devoid its value. (Original Air 03-30-16)

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How can you encourage your children (or grandchildren) to attend mass and participate in the church community? A pair of grandparents seek fatherly advice on approaching hesitant family members. (Original Air 01-28-16)

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Wondering why the priest performs a certain action at mass, or why items are set up a certain way on the altar? Father Dave explains the arrangement of chairs on the altar, why a priest covers his hands before touching the monstrance, and why priests always seem to be flipping through the Roman Missal. (Original Air 04-05-16)

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Dr. Thomas W. Burnford, Interim President of National Catholic Education Association, joins the Busted Halo Show to talk about the importance of a Catholic school education, and the success of the many children who attend Catholic school every year. (Original Air 02-03-16)

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Being in an interfaith relationship can be difficult, especially when it comes to weekly services and religious traditions. Father Dave speaks to a Lutheran women in a relationship with a Catholic man about the challenges and graces of interfaith dating. (Original Air 04-05-16)

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Have you ever wanted to have a discussion about faith with a family member, friend or co-worker but wasn't sure how you could do so without offending them? Father Dave gives out some advice to a caller who is seeking answers on the appropriate way for her to discuss the topic of religion and going to church with a co-worker that she had a previous discussion with. (Original Air 02-16-16)

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Team Busted Halo hears from a caller frustrated with celebrity gossip, which sparks a lively conversation about faith, role models, and the merits of discussing the lives of the famous. (Original Air 03-29-16)

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Today in mass class... communion questions! Father Dave explains the language used during Eucharistic prayers, and the correct way to consume the precious blood. Plus, do priests ever get tipsy? The team answers one caller's bold question. (Original Air 03-30-16)

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