The Busted Halo Show with Catholic priest Father Dave Dwyer, CSP, is an informative and entertaining take on the Catholic faith. Father Dave and team answer your questions of faith and tackle current issues in our world while having some laughs along the way! This podcast features excerpts from the show on The Catholic Channel -- SiriusXM, channel 129.

A caller named Theresa asks, "Why do we kiss the Cross on Good Friday if it's not the actual Cross that Jesus died on?" Theresa shares that it seems that we are worshiping the Cross. Father Dave explains that the Cross is the instrument of our salvation, therefore, we venerate it because of the importance of what it represents. He also points out the difference between veneration and worship. Original Air 3-28-18

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Jesuit priest and physicist Father Robert Spitzer shares his thoughts on the recent passing of Stephen Hawking. Father Spitzer also discusses proof for the existence of God, how faith and science can go together, and how to handle suffering through the lens of faith. Original Air 3-15-18

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A caller named Fred wonders why nobody recognized Jesus after the resurrection, as mentioned in Luke's Gospel. Father Dave explains that it's possible that people didn't recognize him because he was in his resurrected body, or that there could have been a theological reason as to why Jesus was not recognizable. The disciples finally recognize him at dinner when he breaks the bread. Father Dave points out that it seems more plausible from that Gospels that this was intentional. Original Air 7-26-17

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Are we excused from our Lenten obligation of abstaining from meat if we're mourning the loss of someone? A listener named Sue explains that she works with a ministry that brings meals to those who are mourning, and was asked to bring a family meals which contained meat on a Friday during Lent. She wonders if this is sinful. Father Dave explains that the family may have forgotten about abstaining from meat on Fridays because their mind is focused on the loss of a loved one, but that we should cater to them and use our own judgment. Original Air 3-07-18

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A recent convert to Catholicism wonders if the sins from the past forty years that he forgets to confess have been forgiven. Father Dave explains that because the priest was aware that it was his first Confession, the priest understands that it's unlikely for a someone to remember every sin they've ever committed, so their sins are still forgiven. Father Dave also encourages him to confess a sin that he remembers if it is weighing heavy on his heart. Original Air 1-25-18

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A caller named Michael asks, "Is Confession useful if I'm not sorry for all of my sins?" Father Dave points out that the Sacraments are where we experience God's grace, and even though he may not be sorry for all of his sins, the grace from the Sacrament might help him to recognize the effects of his behavior. Father Dave also encourages him to speak to a priest or spiritual director. Original Air 3-01-18

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A listener named Brian visits the studio and asks Father Dave, "What does the priest whisper before he takes Communion?" Father Dave explains that the Roman Missal instructs the priest to pray, "May the Body of Christ keep me safe for life eternal." Father Dave points out that this happens after we sing the Lamb of God, and before he distributes Communion to the congregation. Original Air 7-26-17

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A caller named Cathleen asks, "Why does the crowd say that Jesus is calling Elijah on the Cross?" Father Dave explains that it's likely the Jews misinterpreted him, but it is also very likely that they were mocking him. He points out that the Jews expect Elijah to come before the Messiah, and since Elijah had not returned, they were mocking Jesus, thinking he was calling to Elijah for help. Father Dave also points out that we should reflect on how we might mishear Jesus in our own lives. Original Air 4-19-17

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A young listener named Erin asks, "Why do we visit seven different churches on Holy Thursday?" Father Dave explains that this tradition comes from Rome, and isn't obligatory for Catholics. Father Dave references the procession of the Blessed Sacrament at the end of the Holy Thursday Mass, and points out our attempt to stay awake and pray with Jesus, a tradition that comes from Scripture in which the apostles fell asleep and did not pray with Jesus. Original Air 4-12-17

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A listener named Jim asks, "Why is the Easter Vigil Mass so long?" Father Dave explains that in addition to everything we do at a regular Sunday Mass, there are several special rituals reserved for the Easter Mass, like the Sacraments of Initiation for the RCIA candidates, extra readings, and the blessing of the Paschal candle. Original Air 4-12-17

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