The Busted Halo Show with Catholic priest Father Dave Dwyer, CSP, is an informative and entertaining take on the Catholic faith. Father Dave and team answer your questions of faith and tackle current issues in our world while having some laughs along the way! This podcast features excerpts from the show on The Catholic Channel -- SiriusXM, channel 129.
Father Dave talks with Gregg Breinberg, the director for internet phenomenon and internationally-known New York Public School 22 Choir about how a small elementary school singing group gained global fame. (Originally aired: 07/23/09)
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Father Dave talks to a listener about the challenges and benefits of doing a thorough parish search before settling on a comfortable and correct community for you. (Originally aired: 07/17/09)
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Father Dave talks with Paulist seminarian Tom Gibbons about what it's like to be in seminary, the benefits and challenges of being in such an intensive program, and providing pastoral support as a hospital chaplain. (Originally aired: 07/14/09)
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