The Busted Halo Show with Catholic priest Father Dave Dwyer, CSP, is an informative and entertaining take on the Catholic faith. Father Dave and team answer your questions of faith and tackle current issues in our world while having some laughs along the way! This podcast features excerpts from the show on The Catholic Channel -- SiriusXM, channel 129.

Is it a sin to wear religious items like rosary beads, or clothing items featuring the images of saints? A woman calls Father Dave wondering if she can give her boyfriend a pair of socks with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on them. She's not sure if this is appropriate because she was taught that wearing religious items such as rosary beads was a sin, but she points out that her boyfriend does have a deep devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Father Dave gives her some insight on when it is acceptable to wear such clothing. (Original Air 12-20-16)

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What's the protocol on giving money to a parish that you don't normally attend? A caller who has recently been traveling and attending different churches asks Father Dave if she should give money on the road or support her hometown parish. Father Dave explains the importance of tithing. (Original Air 12-21-16)

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A woman asks Father Dave how she can convince her fiancé to get married in the Catholic Church. Her fiance was married twice previously, and does not want to go through the annulment process. Father Dave shares some words of encouragement and offers advice on having an honest conversation about marriage. (Original Air 11-16-16)

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Is it appropriate to decorate for Christmas during advent? A woman calls Father Dave saying that her family starts decorating their house on Christmas day and never before that. But she is wondering why almost everyone puts up Christmas decorations during the Advent season. Father Dave explains to her the history of putting up Christmas decorations and how it changed after Vatican II. (Original Air 12-21-16)

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What is a Eucharistic miracle? How does the Catholic Church confirm whether or not a miracle has actually occurred? Father Dave explains how The Vatican received word of a potential Eucharistic miracle, and The Catholic Church's process of authenticating it. (Original Air 12-13-16)

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When a priest passes away, are there special traditions that happen at his wake or funeral? Father Dave talks about the recent passing of Paulist Father Lionel DeSilva, and explains the customs that occur when honoring an ordained person who passes away. (Original Air 12-12-16)

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Why are bells rung during Mass? A caller wonders if there's a special meaning behind the ringing. Father Dave explains the significance of bells and how they can even help us spiritually. (Original Air 11-15-16)

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Team Busted Halo asks callers what they saw, heard, and experienced at Mass this past weekend, and asks listeners to consider the impact that the first Advent Mass will have on their lives during this special season of waiting. (Original Air 11-28-16)

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A man calls Father Dave upset about a fight he is having with his brother over the results of the election. His brother is gay, and feels that anyone who voted for Trump supports hate and bigotry. The caller feels uncomfortable fighting with his brother because he loves him and doesn't want an argument to permanently harm their relationship. Father Dave shares some advice on working through this difficult situation. (Original Air 11-16-16)

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Have you ever noticed that Advent calendars always are dated from December 1st through December 25th even though Advent doesn't always start on the 1st? A listener writes to Father Dave wondering why Advent calendars are set up this way. Father Dave provides an in depth look into the intricacies of the Advent calendar within The Church and how it changes from year to year. (Original Air 11-28-16)

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A caller wonders how she can convince her nephew, who does not want to be confirmed, that Confirmation is an important sacrament. Her husband, the nephew's Godfather, is also struggling to get through to his Godson. Father Dave shares his advice. (Original Air 11-15-16)

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Best friend of the show Rabbi Brad Hirschfield joins us to discuss life after the election, how to sit across the table from someone that you vehemently disagree with, and how faith can help us in divisive times. Father Dave and Rabbi Brad also discuss Pope Francis, the Year of Mercy coming to an end, and "forgiving the unforgivable sin." (Original Air 11-21-16)

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Are there specific days designated for praying The Mysteries of the Rosary? A rosary newbie asks Father Dave about prayer logistics. Father Dave offers insights into prayer practices and shares some history behind the newest mystery added by Saint John Paul II. (Original Air 11-09-16)

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What's the difference between a ciborium and a pyx? How much of the Eucharist can they both hold? Should they be made of gold? Does Father Dave own a personal chalice or ciborium? It's Mass Class Wednesday, and Father Dave answers questions from 10-year-old Busted Halo superfan Zachary. (Original Air 11-09-16)

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Father Dave shares a history lesson today after a non-Catholic woman asks why the Catholic Bible has more readings than other Christian Bibles. Father Dave explains that this distinction has to do with Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation, along with some other old Jewish rules as well. (Original Air 11-09-16)

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A woman seeks some Fatherly Advice from Father Dave regarding her husband's infidelity. The woman expresses that she is still in love with her husband and would like to continue being married to him, but she is not sure he feels the same way. Father Dave offers some guidance on this sensitive situation. (Original Air 11-01-16)

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Father Dave said what? A caller asks Father Dave why he said that missing Sunday Mass is a mortal sin. Father Dave explains the importance of our obligation, and why missing Mass hurts our relationships with God. (Original Air 10-19-16)

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Friend of the Busted Halo Show Dr. Charles Camosy, a professor of Christian ethics at Fordham University, joins Father Dave to talk about this upcoming election and how he views it from a Catholic's perspective. Dr. Camosy gives us insight into the positions and stances of the candidates surrounding the issue of abortion, and how this election is not necessarily a single-issue situation. (Original Air 10-31-16)

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Voting for the best candidate in an election is not always as cut-and-dry as we hope it to be. Father Dave explains how we, as Catholics, have a number of moral issues to consider before we head to the polls. He highlights issues at hand with the assistance of Busted Halo's "Voting Catholic" video, which summarizes the issues the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' guide to faithful citizenship. (Original Air 10-19-16)

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While attending a music festival, Brett met a man who was going through some tough family issues. Brett shared his version of "Fatherly Advice" with the man, encouraging him to reconnect with his family. Brett asks Father Dave to review how he did, and prepares for his next conversation with his new friend. (Original Air 10-18-16)

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Can a priest get in trouble if he gives election advice that doesn't align with the teachings of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops? Father Dave answers a #TwitterTuesday question, explaining why Catholic priests around the world are never supposed to publicly endorse a specific candidate for office, but instead help form a person's conscience so that they can make an informed decision. (Original Air 10-18-16)

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A listener is concerned about asking for time off from a new job to attend the funerals of extended family members, and worries that she is a "bad Catholic" if she misses them. (Original Air 10-14-16)

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In this segment of "My Wife Thinks I'm Wrong," a disagreement about Confession. A woman believes her husband shouldn't receive the Eucharist if hasn't gone to confession in a long time, while her husband believes he doesn't have to go to confession if he is truly sorry for his sins. Father Dave shares his take. (Original Air 10-06-16)

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Unsolicited advice from friends can trigger many complex feelings, and when the advice comes a friend who also happens to be seminarian, it can get even more complicated! A newlywed woman asks Father Dave about accepting unsought marriage advice. (Original Air 09-28-16)

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Father Dave discusses Pope Francis' recent comments about how Catholics have to do a better job of "accompanying," accepting, and welcoming transgender people. Then, he takes a call from a woman struggling to accept her husband who views himself as female. (Original Air 10-04-16)

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Is it a sin to miss Confirmation class? A caller questions what a religious education director told his twin daughters preparing for the sacrament. Plus, Father Dave shares a special message for people who teach religious education classes of any form. (Original Air 09-29-16)

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Father Dave receives a call from a woman who is having trouble with loving her neighbor when it comes to those of the Islamic faith. Father Dave offers some words of advice, along with another caller who summarizes a homily he heard from a Paulist Father about loving your neighbor. (Original Air 09-26-16)

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Magnus Macfarlane-Barrow, founder and CEO of Mary's Meals, joins the show to talk about ending world hunger among children. Mary's Meals provides assistance to families around the globe by working to ensure every child receives one daily meal in their place of education. (Original Air 09-23-16)

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Does Mass formally end after communion? After the priest's final blessing? Or once the concluding song is complete? Father Dave and a caller discuss exactly when the Mass comes to a close. (Original Air 09-22-16)

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A listener is concerned that her husband would rather going golfing on Sunday mornings and attend Mass later in the day instead of attending Mass with his family in the morning. Father Dave gives advice on how she and her husband may come to a compromise. (Original Air 09-28-16)

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Dr. James Ellor joins Father Dave to talk about the impact that Alzheimer's can have on the family and friends of a person diagnosed with the disease, and how faith and patience can make everyone's experience a little bit easier. (Original Air 09-21-16)

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Father Dave answers an interesting question from a listener wondering if it's possible to move the bodies of her deceased parents from one cemetery to another cemetery closer to her. (Original Air 09-20-16)

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In our new segment "My Wife Thinks I'm Wrong," a woman calls Father Dave about a disagreement she had with her husband over parents who decide to have many children. A lively discussion follows. (Original Air 09-14-16)

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Father Dave receives an interesting call from a recently ordained priest who is looking for insight and tips on how he can deliver better homilies to his congregation. (Original Air 09-13-16)

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In our new segment called "My Wife Thinks I'm Wrong," Father Dave gets a call from a listener who is concerned about his wife consulting an Astrology Reader and putting more faith into her readings than anything else in her life. (Original Air 09-14-16)

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A caller is frustrated with having to explain her faith to other people but is not really sure how to go about defending her faith. Father Dave gives encouraging words of advice on how she can effectively confront naysayers and talk about her faith in a friendly and positive way. (Original Air 09-13-16)

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Father Dave shares some fatherly advice with a woman who has recently begun attending Mass at a new parish and feels like she is having a difficult time fitting in and meeting new people. (Original Air 09-08-16)

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Olympic Gold Medalist David Boudia talks about his diving wins at the Summer Olympics in Rio, and reflects on how his faith saved his life when he faced a major struggle. (Original Air 09-07-16)

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A caller asks about the differences in belief between Catholics and Born Again Christians, and shares a story about being told she wouldn't go to heaven because she identified as born again. (Original Air 09-06-16)

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Father Dave and special guest co-host Father John Maria Devaney give Fatherly Advice to a women who is trying to convince her husband to be open to more children. (Original Air 08-16-16)

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A caller is confused after reading a Bible passage mentioning "an unforgivable sin." Father Dave interprets the verse. (Original Air 08-18-16)

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A women who suffers from extreme anxiety asks Father Dave if it's sinful to miss Mass because of an anxiety flare-up. (Original Air 08-18-16)

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Father Dave puts a listener's mind at ease after she admits that she hasn't been to confession since her first Reconciliation more than 30 years ago. Father Dave also shares some tips on to embrace her return to the sacrament. (Original Air 08-18-16)

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Brett reflects on his grandmother's funeral service and the many emotions that come with saying goodbye to a loved one. He considers the impact his grandmother had on the lives of so many others. (Original Air 08-18-16)

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On Mass Class Wednesday, a listener asks Father Dave why going to Sunday Mass is a requirement for all Catholics, and why missing Mass is considered a mortal sin. (Original Air 08-17-16)

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A caller is curious about how to join the Catholic Church and wonders if she needs to be baptized a second time despite having received the sacrament in another denomination. Father Dave clears up this baptism quandary. (Original Air 07-19-16)

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A concerned sacristan calls Father Dave with a question about recently having to drink the remaining precious blood after Mass and purify the chalice. Father Dave reviews Church teaching and offers some reassuring words to the sacristan. (Original Air 07-19-16)

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Wondering how to get more people to attend your young adult ministry events? Father Dave shares some great tips in response to a #TwitterTuesday question about getting a new young adult group off the ground. And check out Young Adult Ministry in a Box, Busted Halo's digital toolkit for starting young adult ministry from scratch, for more tips and ideas. (Original Air 07-19-16)

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A caller seeks out Father Dave's advice on how to handle difficult issues with her coworkers. And this is a tough one -- the caller feels like she's in a hopeless situation because the conflict is with one of her bosses. (Original Air 07-14-16)

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A woman struggling with feeling accepted at Church asks for Father Dave's advice. She feels that because she is married to a Muslim man, she is not fully welcome. (Original Air 07-12-16)

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Weekday masses have less music and fewer readings than a Sunday Mass, but why? Father Dave explains the specific reason for the liturgical difference. (Original Air 07-19-16)

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Father Dave answers a #TwitterTuesday question about church layout - Why do some altars seem to be miles away from the congregation? Find out if there's a spiritual reason behind this curious aspect of church design. (Original Air 07-19-16)

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Hello from Krakow, Poland! Father Dave and "The Catholic Guy" Lino Rulli share a podcast directly from World Youth Day. Find out what this great event is all about, and join in on the faith-filled celebration with pilgrims from all over the world. (Original Air 07-26-16)

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A Muslim woman asks for Fatherly Advice about her relationship with her Christian boyfriend. Despite their strong love for one another, she's concerned that family pressures, coupled with their different faith traditions are causing them to grow apart. (Original Air 07-01-16)

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Father Dave addresses Cardinal Robert Sarah's recent comments encouraging priests to turn their backs to the congregation while consecrating the Eucharist, just like pre-Vatican II. (Original Air 07-13-16)

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When it comes to matters of faith, it can be hard to find common ground. Julie Hanlon Rubio, author of "Hope for Common Ground: Mediating the Personal and the Political in a Divided Church," can help us all work towards goodwill, tolerance, and mutual understanding. (Original Air 07-13-16)

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Was your "Father Dave 30-Day Challenge" successful? Father Dave and Brett find out how one listener's 30-day challenge changed her life in an unexpected way. (Original Air 07-13-16)

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How does Pokémon GO relate to our Catholic faith? Mike Carter-Conneen, reporter for ABC 7 News in Washington D.C. explains the Pokémon Go craze and its impact on businesses, churches, and the future of technology altogether. (Original Air 07-13-16)

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Father Dave addresses the racially charged tragedies that have taken place in Baton Rouge, St. Paul, and Dallas. He talks about the past Sunday's Gospel reading, the Good Samaritan, in the context of the recent shootings and how we can apply the story's message to our lives today. (Original Air 07-11-16)

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A caller asks Father Dave if there is a way to trace the lineage of the priesthood from present day all the way back to the original priests. (Original Air 05-10-16)

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Father Dave answers a #TwitterTuesday question of faith from a listener trying to understand the difference between scripture and gospel. Remember to tweet your questions of faith to @BustedHalo and @FatherDaveDwyer! (Original Air 06-21-16)

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It might seem like he has all the answers, but even Father Dave needs a spiritual pick-me-up every once in a while... he's human after all! Father Dave talks about his latest visit with his spiritual director. (Original Air 06-09-16)

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If you thought about committing a sin, but did not act on it, should you still confess? Father Dave responds to a #TwitterTuesday tweet from a curious listener. (Original Air 06-03-16)

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Is it a sin to miss Mass while on vacation? Just in time for 4th of July weekend, Father Dave answers a question from a concerned listener. (Original Air 05-10-16)

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The passing away of a loved one is always a difficult situation. Unfortunately, the burial process can be difficult too, especially when it deals with cremation and the placement of a person's ashes. A caller asks Father Dave if it is against Church teaching to spread ashes in a public place. (Original Air 05-10-16)

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How do "Seinfeld's" George Costanza or "Star Trek's" Captain James Tiberius Kirk relate to our faith lives? They both constantly aspire to the highest pinnacles! Father Dave and Brett discuss how we often try to experience bigger and better faith moments than the last time, and the dangers of seeking to outdo. (Original Air 06-10-16)

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How can the Catholic Church stay relevant? Father Dave looks back on his recent trip to the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership, where he moderated a discussion on attracting new members to the faith. Father Dave and Brett talk more about what must be done to keep future generations interested in being Catholic. (Original Air 05-24-16)

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Have you ever attended a mass where the priest had his back turned to the congregation? Father Dave explains an uncommon phenomenon that occasionally occurs, especially in European churches. (Original Air 06-01-16)

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Brett reflects on his experience participating in the Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk to support suicide awareness, and shares some of the powerful conversations about mental health issues he had with fellow walkers along the way. (Original Air 06-06-16)

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Following the Orlando tragedy Father Dave continues his discussion with the listeners. We take a call from a gay catholic who describes the difficulty and challenges he faces as a gay catholic. Father Dave also reads a message from another gay catholic who details how homophobia in The Church effected his life and how it caused him to contemplate suicide. (Original Air 06-15-16)

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Father Dave discusses the tragic shooting at a gay club in Orlando. In doing so, he addresses the responses by several bishops, and also the sad and unfortunate homophobia he finds in the Church. (Original Air 06-14-16)

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Brett reflects on the recent death of his grandmother, which leads to a conversation about the challenges that each generation faced while growing up, and how future generations might be affected by the decisions we make today. (Original Air 06-01-16)

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A mother calls into the show concerned about her daughter's desire to get married outdoors. Father Dave gives advice on how to approach the conversation, and explains the significance of getting married inside a Catholic Church. (Original Air 05-25-15)

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Has a priest or deacon recently been ordained in your church? Wondering what would be an appropriate way to celebrate? Father Dave suggests great gifts to give a newly ordained person. (Original Air 05-31-16)

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Is there a "pope equivalent" in the Jewish faith? In the Protestant Church? Father Dave explains what religious leaders look like in other faith traditions. (Original Air 05-13-16)

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Have you ever lost a loved one to suicide? Are you concerned for their eternal soul? Father Dave explains the Catholic Church's stance on the issue of suicide. Brett had these concerns, as he has lost several friends to suicide. He will be taking part in the AFSP's Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk on June 4 to support suicide prevention, awareness and resources. Here is the link to donate to the cause. Thank you! (Original Air 05-04-16)

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How did Jesus get to Heaven? Did he ascend on his own? Was he assumed into heaven like his mother, Mary? Father Dave explains this phenomenon. Plus, why we're no longer able to sin once we get to heaven. (Original Air 05-11-16)

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Is a person who receives Last Rites still required to go to Confession? And how do deaf people partake in the Sacrament? Team Busted Halo tackles questions about Reconciliation in today's podcast. (Original Air 05-11-16)

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Is a person who receives Last Rites still required to go to Confession? And how do deaf people partake in the Sacrament? Team Busted Halo tackles questions about Reconciliation in today's podcast. (Original Air 05-11-16)

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Father Dave reflects on an emotional day during which he attended the funeral of a childhood friend's dad and visited the nearby grave of his own father. (Original Air 05-17-16)

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Father Dave gives advice to a women who is having a difficult time forgiving people in her life who have sexually, physically, and mentally abused her for many years. She is concerned that if she can't truly forgive these people that she may be risking eternal damnation. (Original Air 05-12-16)

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Is the Holy Spirit a he, she, or even an it? This is just one of the questions Brett has for Father Dave about the Holy Spirit, something Brett finds both fascinating and confusing at the same time. (Original Air 05-13-16)

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"Pope Francis said what about ordaining women?" You may have heard a lot of different interpretations and rumors surrounding this big news story coming out of the Vatican. Thankfully, we have Phyllis Zagano, expert on women's roles in the church, to clear all of this up for us and give us some insight on the possibility of this actually happening. (Original Air 05-12-16)

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Does the Church have a stance on marijuana?

This question has gained a lot of attention recently, as Bishop Richard Pates of Des Moines announced last month that he supports the legalization of medical marijuana. Bishop Pates reached his conclusion after meeting with several lawmakers, as well as a group of Iowans who suffer from chronic conditions, the pain of which might be alleviated by the substance. Read the full story in the Des Moines Register HERE.

In this podcast, Father Dave answers a general question from a Twitter follower regarding the church's teaching on marijuana.  (Original Air 05-10-16).

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During a special broadcast called "Lino's Last Hurrah: An Italian Pilgrimage," Father Dave explains to the pilgrims both what a Holy Door is and the plenary indulgences that you can receive if you walk through one. (Original Air: 04-21-16)

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American Idol season 10 winner Scotty McCreery shares the challenges of being open about faith in the spotlight. The country music star talks connecting music and religion in his new book Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward the Dream. (Original Air 05-04-16)

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Was yesterday a Holy Day of Obligation for you? Did you go to mass? Why do some areas celebrate the Feast of the Ascension on Thursday and others celebrate it on Sunday?  Father Dave explains the reasoning behind this difference to a caller, which prompts Brett to ask some more follow-up questions and to comment on Jesus' effectiveness. (Original Air 05-05-16)

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Is heaven a boring place to spend eternity? On this #TwitterTuesday podcast, we respond to a tweet from a youth minister whose teen students are skeptical about the excitement of the afterlife. Father Dave and Brett discuss what the Church can do to change what seems to be a growing perspective. (Original Air 05-03-16)

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A special episode of "Saints of Our Lives" featuring Saint Adele. Learn all about the trials and tribulations of her life, including the interesting story of how she ultimately became a nun. Plus, a special surprise guest appearance from somebody who's no stranger to the show. (Original Air 04-07-16)

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Brett shares a story of strengthened faith after his pilgrimage to Italy, and reflects on finding answers to some difficult questions he's struggled with in the past. (Original Air 04-25-16)

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Wedding season is fast approaching! On this podcast, Father Dave tackles marriage questions. What's the difference between a natural and sacramental marriage? Can you receive the Eucharist after going through a divorce? All this and more as we talk holy matrimony. (Original Air 11-11-15)

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Have you ever wondered about the difference between venial and mortal sin? A listener calls in wondering what constitutes a mortal sin, and what he can do to be absolved of it. (Original Air 11-03-16)

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Have you ever found yourself purposely not doing or limiting yourself to something, so that later it has greater significance? A caller has the same question on why we are allowed to receive the Eucharist everyday and why doing so does not devoid its value. (Original Air 03-30-16)

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How can you encourage your children (or grandchildren) to attend mass and participate in the church community? A pair of grandparents seek fatherly advice on approaching hesitant family members. (Original Air 01-28-16)

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Wondering why the priest performs a certain action at mass, or why items are set up a certain way on the altar? Father Dave explains the arrangement of chairs on the altar, why a priest covers his hands before touching the monstrance, and why priests always seem to be flipping through the Roman Missal. (Original Air 04-05-16)

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Dr. Thomas W. Burnford, Interim President of National Catholic Education Association, joins the Busted Halo Show to talk about the importance of a Catholic school education, and the success of the many children who attend Catholic school every year. (Original Air 02-03-16)

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Being in an interfaith relationship can be difficult, especially when it comes to weekly services and religious traditions. Father Dave speaks to a Lutheran women in a relationship with a Catholic man about the challenges and graces of interfaith dating. (Original Air 04-05-16)

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Have you ever wanted to have a discussion about faith with a family member, friend or co-worker but wasn't sure how you could do so without offending them? Father Dave gives out some advice to a caller who is seeking answers on the appropriate way for her to discuss the topic of religion and going to church with a co-worker that she had a previous discussion with. (Original Air 02-16-16)

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Team Busted Halo hears from a caller frustrated with celebrity gossip, which sparks a lively conversation about faith, role models, and the merits of discussing the lives of the famous. (Original Air 03-29-16)

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Today in mass class... communion questions! Father Dave explains the language used during Eucharistic prayers, and the correct way to consume the precious blood. Plus, do priests ever get tipsy? The team answers one caller's bold question. (Original Air 03-30-16)

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