The Busted Halo Show with Catholic priest Father Dave Dwyer, CSP, is an informative and entertaining take on the Catholic faith. Father Dave and team answer your questions of faith and tackle current issues in our world while having some laughs along the way! This podcast features excerpts from the show on The Catholic Channel -- SiriusXM, channel 129.

A woman emails Father Dave looking for some advice on finding a better balance between work and family. Her current job requires her to travel frequently, and she feels guilty missing valuable time with her family. Father Dave shares some thoughtful advice. (Original Air 06-02-17)

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Father Dave and Brett try to help Mike with his feelings of guilt over accepting favors from others. Mike feels ashamed asking Brett for a favor even though Brett is happy to help. The group has a conversation about the importance of accepting another person's grace. (Original Air 06-01-17)

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Catholic singer/songwriter Marie Miller joins the Busted Halo Show for a full hour to perform songs from her new album, "Letterbox." She also helps Father Dave answer some questions of faith from a live studio audience. (Original Air 06-06-17)

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On "Mass Class Wednesday" a caller asks where purgatory is mentioned in the Bible. The caller mentions that she lives in an area of the country that is predominately Lutheran, and she is often questioned about where Catholics have evidence of the existence of purgatory. Father Dave explains what we believe about purgatory. (Original Air 05-31-17)

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A caller asks Father Dave how she should handle a situation where she experienced a sermon that she found to be offensive. While attending a friends child's dedication at a Baptist Church, she felt caught off guard by the preacher's use of insulting words. Father Dave shares advice for how she might express her feelings with her family and friends. (Original Air 05-31-17)

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Father James Martin SJ joins Father Dave to discuss his brand new book, “Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity.” Father Jim also helps Father Dave out with a Fatherly Advice question. (Original Air: 04-28-17)

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Journalist Andy Crouch joins Father Dave to discuss the challenges and benefits of technology today, along with the impact it can have on a family. Andy is the author of "The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place." (Original Air 05-19-17)

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A listener calls into the show looking for Fatherly Advice on a situation with her brother. The caller explains that her brother is moving in with his girlfriend, and she's concerned because she feels the relationship isn't healthy. She wonders if she should speak to her brother about her concerns, and asks Father Dave for advice. (Original Air 05-23-17)

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A Congregation of One name Patty joins Team Busted Halo in the studio, and asks about Doctors of the Church. Father Dave explains how one receives this special title, and the role Doctors of the Church play in our faith. (Original Air 05-19-17)

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We hear about the many people in attendance at Jesus' crucifixion, including His mother Mary and many of the disciples, but one person who isn't mentioned is Jesus' own father, Joseph. A listener emails Father Dave wondering why Joseph wouldn't be present at his own son's death. Father Dave explains. If you have a question or comment for Father Dave you can email it to (Original Air 05-04-17)

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Father Dave shares some Fatherly Advice with a young man who was recently denied from serving in the Navy. The caller has had a desire to serve for a long time, and has worked extremely hard to put himself in the best possible position to succeed. After being denied, the caller finds himself questioning his faith. (Original Air 05-03-17)

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You have probably heard people pronounce "Amen" two different ways (AY-men vs AH-men). A caller asks Father Dave if there's a pronunciation preference in the Church. Father Dave does some investigative work to find out which pronunciation is more commonly used. (Original Air 05-03-17)

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When is the appropriate time to sit after Communion? A listener calls Father Dave wondering if it's correct for the congregation to sit after the tabernacle doors close or when the priest sits down. (Original Air 05-02-17)

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